SSTAR training has made me the athlete I am today. I definitely would not be as advanced as an athlete without SSTAR, it is the reason for my success in sports as well as life. SSTAR has also given me the opportunity to make new friendships with other athletes around the metro.

Connor Simpson – 4 year starter for the Eagan High School Lacrosse Team

SSTAR performance has changed my life it has transformed me from being an average athlete to an elite player. When I first came into SSTAR I weighed 150lbs and when I left I was 175lbs and faster than ever in one season of training. Before SSTAR I would have never thought of playing a college sports, but after the insane training I am now playing college hockey at Hamline University! SSTAR has optimal staff that pushes you to your limits to get you where you want to be, they do everything they can do to achieve your goals.

Cody Mason – Freshman at Hamline University and 2 year SSTAR Athlete


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The SSTAR training program works to emphasize strength, speed, and agility. The unique combination of power lifting and sport specific workouts challenges your body to be able to excel in your specified sport. Completing this program has given me an athletic advantage over my opponents. It aided me in having a successful high school career in three sports, as well as prepared me to have a promising football career at the D2 level. The atmosphere at SSTAR is challenging and competitive. The “SSTAR attitude” will drive you to improve every day. Along with the exceptional workout program, SSTAR’s rehabilitation program has helped me get back into the game faster than any other physical therapist or athletic trainer I have gone to before. More than anything, the staff at SSTAR wants to see you succeed, and they will do this by pushing you to be the best athlete you can be.

Jordan Nieuwsma – Freshman at Concordia University St. Paul and 2 year SSTAR Athlete

Coming into SSTAR, I was inexperienced in lifting and even working out. I was easily welcomed by the staff and had lots of fun being around them. I worked out intensively from about my sophomore year to senior year in high school and have seen dramatic changes. This program has made me stronger and more confident in my athletics and has helped me move on to the collegiate level for baseball. Not only did this help with my baseball training but also in hockey and basic activities.

Eric Peterson – Freshman at Minnesota State University and 2 year SSTAR Athlete