SSTAR Summer Training

2011 dates coming soon…

The SSTAR Summer Training Program is the shining jewel of all of the SSTAR Training Programs!  Every summer we are offering a new and versatile set up for our SSTAR Athletes!   The camp will be a 2 part SSTAR Training System:

1) 18 hours of small group training (groups are set up by athletes and/or parents – times are chosen by each individual group) over 9 weeks

2) 3 hours of large group camp per week (1 hour each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 12:00pm) focusing on specific development of athleticism.

The camps consist of:

  • SSTAR Speed Development (Every Tuesday)(Focuses on top end speed and utilizes the most vastly researched and field tested methods to cut down 40 times and increase top end field and court speed).
  • SSTAR Core, Balance and Flexibility Training (Every Wednesday).(Focuses on intensive injury prevention by improving core strength/endurance, and teaching proper body control/balance/proprioception, and works on improving flexibility through advanced PNF methods).
  • SSTAR First And Second Step Training (FASST) (Every Thursday)(FASST is focused on developing reaction speed, first step quickness, improved cutting performance, and improved agility.  There will be a HUGE emphasis on creating lateral quickness and deceleration).

All of these components (45 hours of training) will cost each athlete as little as $500 (if 6 athletes in the group) for the entire summer!!

Please fill out the following forms:

Athlete Intake Document Athlete Intake & Parental Consent