SSTAR Performance Nutrition Program

Whether you need help adding muscle and gaining weight, or dropping your body fat and losing a couple o f pounds to get you a little quicker, we can help!  Our Summer Performance Nutrition Program is tailored and created for athletes to help you reach your goals.  We will help you choose the proper foods, and assist you in your sports supplementation where needed!

We will meet with you on a weekly basis and help guide your nutrition and make changes and/or additions to get you to your best!  For only $400 for the entire summer, you can get a firm understanding of pre-season, in-season, and pre and post game nutrition to keep your body fueled for excellence!

If you are interested, we need 7 days of food logging (everything you eat and drink with times) and the nutritional assessment filled out prior to starting the program.  Both of these forms are located below!

Food Log Form Food Log Form

Nutritional Assessment Nutritional Assessment