SSTAR Last Second Conditioning

The SSTAR Last Second Conditioning Camp is an intensive, sport specific, extreme conditioning camp that is held daily for 45 minutes.  Our focus is to “fine tune” the level of conditioning that our athletes have received over the course of the summer from their respective programs, and ultimately give them the deciding advantage over other athletes with an elite level of conditioning.  These sessions are not fun—they are aimed at ELITE INTENSE PRE SEASON CONDITIONING!  If you have not been training intensely with SSTAR or other programs, this camp is not for you!

The cost of the 10 large group sessions is $50 (only $5/session) and will run at noon, rain or shine, Monday-Saturday (8/2-8/7) and Monday-Thursday (8/9-8-12)!

SSTAR Athlete’s Aren’t Born…They’re Created