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SSTAR Sport Specific Training and Rehab is the Twin Cities premier sport specific athlete development facility. SSTAR focuses on advancing and developing athletes by preparing them for the demands their specific sport places on them, while focusing on sport specific injury prevention. Ultimately, SSTAR athletes are better conditioned, physically and mentally stronger, more explosive, and most importantly, at much less risk for injury than teammates who have not participated in our SSTAR sport specific training!

SSTAR training programs have been developed by doctors, trainers, and athletes, specifically for the development of athletes, and is constantly scrutinized by its developers to assure that all SSTAR training and rehabilitation programs are the most advanced programs available. SSTAR training programs are much more than lifting weights and conditioning. SSTAR implements the most advanced principles in many areas including, hip biomechanics, single foot training, explosive movement training, first and second step training (FASST), reactive core and balance training, and sport movement strength training. These components are involved in every SSTAR training session and aid in more advanced athletic development (bigger, faster, stronger, quicker, more mentally strong athletes) while drastically reducing the risk of injuries specific to each sport.

Not only does every SSTAR sports specific program develop elite athleticism, and prevent injuries, but it also greatly helps athletes who have been dealing with nagging or chronic problems that may be hindering them from their full development as an athlete. This is accomplished by incorporating aggressive rehabilitative protocols into an individual athletes training program, or at times, taking a step back and properly implementing an injury and sport specific rehabilitation program (created and directed by Dr. Luke Jakubowski DC) to thoroughly eliminate the recurring cause of an athlete’s injury!

SSTAR Athletes Aren’t Born…

SSTAR Sport Specific Training & Rehab, the developer of the Twin Cities’ most productive athlete-driven, sport specific training program, is offering specialized group, and team training and conditioning for athletes. We offer extensive, injury-prevention focused performance training that significantly improves endurance, speed, strength, explosive power, mental focus, agility, and core strength, all while reducing the risk of serious injury. Each athlete’s needs are assessed individually and specifically addressed.

SSTAR training has made me the athlete I am today. I definitely would not be as advanced as an athlete without SSTAR, it is the reason for my success in sports as well as life. SSTAR has also given me the opportunity to make new friendships with other athletes around the metro.

Connor Simpson – 4 year starter for the Eagan High School Lacrosse Team

Performance Training

Specialized group and team training and conditioning for athletes. Our program significantly improves endurance, speed, strength, explosive power, mental focus, agility, and core strength, all while reducing the risk of serious injury.

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Sports Chiropractic

Our Sports Chiropractic Clinic is housed within SSTAR and is focused on dealing with musculoskeletal injuries common to sports. We can help you deal with the acute and chronic conditions that might be slowing you down.

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Sports Massage

Our massage therapy department is highly knowledgeable in massage therapy that is designed to assist athletes in recovery from chronic and acute injuries, and even help prevent many injuries that are common to athletics.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Our Sports Rehab differs from other types of physical therapy programs because it helps you return to pre-injury sports form. We work to get you fully healed and ready for the demands sports are going to place on your injured area.

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